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Case Study: "two tings" towpath cycling project, london

towpath cycling
making london's towpath's safer for everyone

british waterways london has launched a new towpath code of conduct (link to download below) with a 'two tings' message aimed at all towpath users following a series of physical works to improve safety on the regent’s canal.

the code of conduct explains that pedestrians have priority over cyclists and asks them to use a bell giving 'two tings' when approaching pedestrians, pass people slowly giving them space and to ride at a sensible speed. it also asks pedestrians to listen for the 'two tings' and allow cyclists to pass.

towpath code of conduct, british waterways london (pdf 13.4mb)


contact information

for more information contact:

british waterways london
1 sheldon place
paddington central
w2 6tt

tel: 020 7985 7200