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Demonstrating how 'real life' solutions are making a real difference to the quality of life in rural areas can be very powerful. The case studies below have been compiled to offer you a greater insight into what works in engaging rural communities through sport and recreation. The case studies demonstrate some generic success factors, including; a commitment to sharing resources, a multi-activity approach, a commitment to investing in people as well as places and innovative in approach.

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kesgrave high school ‘cycling initiative’

lack of parking space at expanding school lead to better provision for students cycling to school through positive attitudes, active promotion and investment in infrastructure.

Location & Issues

  • Kesgrave High Schools – Suffolk County Council
  • The school is set to expand, but there is little parking space, so this is a big incentive to keep the level of cycling high
  • Four staff oversee arrival and departure times and keep cyclists and school buses safely apart
  • Bicycle parking and locker space must keep pace with demand, so the school has a financial commitment
  • Pupils must be taught basic safety rules and responsibilities, but the school does not want to be heavy handed with regulations and so discourage cyclists

Main Partners

  • Kesgrave High School
  • Local Authority

Project Description

Kesgrave High School is not a demonstration project or a local authority pilot scheme. The school itself has created the high levels of cycling by its positive attitudes, active promotion and its spending on infrastructure such as lockers and secure parking. Its enthusiasm has spread to its feeder primary schools too.

  • The local authority made sure that planners included good quality cycle paths and safe walking routes in the adjacent housing estate
  • As a result, cycling is very much part of daily life and residents and parents have been persuaded of the benefits. Positive coverage in local and national media has helped

Project Outcomes

  • Pupils are encouraged to share bikes and ride as a class to curriculum related events and sports fixtures away from school
  • Such as the tennis club, squash courts and playing fields which would otherwise have been inaccessible because of high transport costs

Project Costs

The school continues to invest in cycle parking at a rate of roughly £1,500 per year to expand and maintain existing cycle sheds etc…

Further Details Project Officer : Nicky Rowbottom
Telephone: (01473) 583000