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Activity Idea: Off road motorcycling

Motorcycling Trials, Enduro and Moto Cross.

Trials competitions can take place on relatively small areas of land but generally requires "challenging terrain" to compete on. Skill is needed to complete "sections" without grounding a foot and takes place at relatively low speeds and low revs. Thus noise pollution and ground disturbance can be less than other motorsports.

Motorcycle enduro is a long distance motorcycle event of endurance and reliability with the course predominantly of an off-road cross-country nature.

Organisers and participants must follow Codes of Practice for Health & Safety, Environmental care and Off-Road Driver Training.

Good quality, reliable land for off road motorcycling is always at a premium and it would be of great interest to local clubs new possible land becomes available.

"Scrambling to Success. The Problems and Solutions to illegal off-road motorcycling in Greater Manchester" Summary document:bikesummary.pdf

Click here for an excellent "Farmer's Weekly" article on holding a motorcycling event on your land

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