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Case Study: newport pagnell, buckinghamshire.

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young people using public facilities to use their skateboards and BMX's was becoming a problem. To remedy this a purpose built facility was built.

Newport Pagnell – Alternative Sports Project

Location & Issues

Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire

An abundance of young people of skateboards, BMX cycles and other alternative sports gear being a nuisance on public facilities.

Main Partners

  • SRB Fund
  • Newport Pagnell Council
  • Milton Keynes Council
  • Planning gain
  • Thames Valley Police
  • Middleton Trust
  • Laing Trust
  • Millennium Volunteers
  • Brian Currie Trucks Ltd

Project Description

Due to an abundance of young people riding BMX cycles with them using public facilities to do there activity on, it became clear that an alternative sports facility was needed. Therefore the aim of this project was to Promote and raise money for alternative sports facilities in the Newport Pagnell area through grants and fund raising.

Success’s of the project:

  • All the money was raised was the concrete pad and a majority of the safe certified ramps.
  • A management plan was produced to ensure smooth, safe running of the facility.

Project Outcomes

  • A well used successful alternative sports facility
  • A diversion from crime and nuisance to public facilities

contact information


Vice Chairman of Newport Pagnell Youth Club: Ryan Pink

Telephone: 01908 211701