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Case Study: compton, surrey

Compton is a village which had very little leisure provision for older children and teenagers. After consultation between the Parish Council and the youngsters themselves, a basketball court was created.


Rural Sports Support for Young People in Surrey

Location & Issues 

Compton, a rural village in Surrey, South East England.

Despite there being a large amount of local development, there were no leisure facilities for older children / teenagers.

Main Partners

  • Parish Council
  • Surrey Council Voluntary Youth Service

Project Description

Local young people in Compton highlighted the lack of leisure facilities for older children and teenagers to their parish council. The council recognized the need to provide something for this age group, and the positive impact a leisure facility would have on them. It would give them something to do; help develop a sense of responsibility for something that had been provided especially for them. It would also offer benefits to the village as a whole by reducing and preventing crime and anti-social behaviour and encouraging young people to feel part of the local community.

Check List:

  • Broadcast your offer for as long as you can – it takes time for the message to sink in.
  • Do not be too rigid in the application or rule – assess the impact rather than the process.
  • Act quickly – fast tracking via email does work.
  • Get partner commitment
  • Listen to Young People and visit them on ‘their turf’ – literally in this case.
  • Get a local champion.
  • Do what you say you will do – and if you can’t, say so and own up.

Project Outcomes

  • In the process the young people involved consulted the village residents of the plans and this has led to a reported increase in community cohesion.
  • The basketball court has acted as a diversion for the young people, with petty crime and anti-social behaviour down since it was installed.

Finding a way to process the urgent applications quickly has also had a positive learning impact the Surrey CVYS, who have now installed a system that will them to replicate this in the future.

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