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Activity Idea: Geocaching

Treasure hunting with a GPS receiver!

Geocaching is pronounced geo-khash-ing. A Geocacher will go to a location that has usually some special interest or beauty. Clearly this could be within woodland. At the location, they will hide a small waterproof box containing a few varied bits and pieces (usually of little value) a logbook and a pen or pencil.

Using their GPS receiver, the cacher records the coordinates of their cache and returns home to log it's existence on a website.

Another cacher will see the listing about the cache, enter the coordinates into their GPS receiver and go in search of it. When they find it, the finder may take something from the cache and leave something in return, and for posterity, enter a log in the logbook.

It might be possible to work with a local group to offer a bespoke geocaching facility within a series of woodlands on a farm or estate for example, to which the group has exclusive access.

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